On the Sidewalk

by Gavin Loughlin

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A compilation album of tracks taken from various musical projects.


released October 14, 2015

Written, performed and produced by Gavin Loughlin - www.gavinloughlin.co.uk



all rights reserved


Gavin Loughlin UK

Gavin Loughlin is a multi-instrumentalist from the North of England, a music-maker and writer of the greatest songs you've never heard.

You can sometimes find him busking, or playing at an open mic.

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Track Name: The Criminal Code
No stories thrill us, neither verse nor prose,
We know all and everything we’ve seen …
The only worthy book is, I suppose,
The book of Code. Criminal, I mean.

When from hangover my head is to explode,
Or when from restlessness I go round the bend —
At any page I open this Code
And keep on reading till the very end!

I’ve always left my friends a wide discretion,
And they prefer to rob, I know my men!
That’s what the article assigns for this transgression:
No less than three and no more than ten.

Just think about these lines, so plain and clear,
They tell us more than any author writes!
Behind these lines there is a world of fear,
Of morbid barracks, cards and bloody fights!

With broken fates these simple lines are breathing,
With those lines I’d rather have no truck,
Boy, am I glad when articles are easy —
Some buddies will receive a piece of luck!

I reach my article — and then I lose my temper,
The heart begins to storm inside my breast,
And throbbing blood bangs madly in my temple
Just like police when coming to arrest!

Translated by George Tokarev
Track Name: The False Idol
Sitting silent staring at the wall
Empty faces walking through your hall
They don’t see you
They see through you
With eyes
That Lie......

Father let me hold your bloodied hand
Show me all the armies you command
Lift me higher
Through the fire
That burns

Your never gonna get me no......(repeat for the middle section)

Sitting silent staring at the wall
Empty voices tearing down your door
They don’t see you
They see through you
With eyes
That Lie.....
Ooo...... repeat
Track Name: Black Chimneys
No smiling face
No warm embrace
No one to hear me
When school’s a disgrace

No open ground
To kick around
No place to be cheerful
No place to be found

Roots have been planted
In a garden of weeds
But who am I
Supposed to be?
Mum’s in the window
They all say she’s mad
Where is my family?
Who is my Dad?

On railway tracks
Dead chimneys black
We used to be heroes
Now we’re under attack
And the sun goes down
On this northern town
The lads are still fighting
Outside the crown

We sing out loud
To the same old songs
But the words are different
The meaning’s gone
Don’t stop to question
Just sing along

Forget about hope
Forget about dreams
Leave them burning
On the TV screen
Don’t ask the question
What about me?
Track Name: Falling
Just another day
But it’s all the same
Things they never change

Nothing much to do
But to get real high
Try to touch the sky with you

And I.......
Can hear you calling
I can hear you calling out to me
I’m feeling like I’m falling
Feeling like I’m falling in too deep

Take a walk outside
Watch the staring eyes
They’re all hypnotising me

Look up to the skies
See the clouds of butterflies
Rain down on me

And I.......
Can hear you calling
I can hear you calling out to me
I’m feeling like I’m falling
Feeling like I’m falling in too deep
Track Name: My Disguise
I’m wearing my disguise
To be someone else but me
I can’t look you in the eyes
Or you might just see through me
Am I the only one who’s scared
Of all the demons in the skies
And does no one really care
About all the hatred and the lies

So I’m walking down this lonely path again
Into a place that I don’t know
And through the mist I see a group of distant friends
Is it all just a picture show
And all your dreams may they come true some day
An old man said to me
But is this game just to tough for me to play
Sop which direction will it be

The air is feeling colder now
And i can see her face
A distant light is calling me
Into a wondrous place
Mother don’t you leave me hear#
To face the world alone
Mother don’t you disappear
I can’t make it on my own

Oooooo, my disguise
Track Name: Silence
I’ve seen this face before
I watched as you rode in silent
I watched as you rode in silent

I watched you close the door
And watched as we all stood silent
Watched as we all stood silent

A reoccurring chord
We danced as the bards were singing
Tales of the joy you’re bringing

Insipid voices called
With tales of the pain and violence
But all that is left is silence now...

Running away for your life.....

I watched a dream fall down
I watched when the glass was tinted
And watched as the lies where printed

Beguiling, books were bound
From which all the bards were singing
The tales of a silent underground......
Track Name: On the Sidewalk
Walkin’ on the side walk
Hear the streetcar scream
Spaces in the distance
Spaces in between

Walkin’ on the sidewalk
Sinking in the sea
People move like fishes
Mississippi dreams

And it’s easy...it’s easy
Leave me...in the big easy

Walkin’ on the side walk
Melting in the heat
Saxophones are singing
Discord on the street

Walkin’ on the side walk
Though the forecast’s fine
See the small boats sinking
Beneath the rising tide